Pride Group makes large eCascadia and eM2 order

Sam Johal poses with Freightliner eCascadia

With over a month of daily real-time experience working with a fully battery-electric Class 8 truck in their fleet, Pride Group is confident in introducing additional new electric vehicles to their fleet as they drive towards the goal of having their local delivery fleet 100% electrified within the next one to two years.

Personally test-driving the all-new Freightliner eCascadia and eM2 trucks, Sam Johal, president of Pride Group Enterprises, was impressed with their range and ease of use: “I am very confident to bring these trucks into our lineup. With the improved range up to 230 miles prior to recharge, these trucks will be a great asset. These units easily manage 10-14-hour trips — a regular driving day. This not only supports our drivers through quiet and comfortable vehicle operations but also brings us closer to our zero-emission transportation goal.”

Launched this year, the #eCascadia is ideally suited for short-haul routes that allow for depot-based charging. With 320-470hp and a maximum battery capacity of almost 440 kWh, the electric flagship truck can reach a typical range of 230 miles in applications like last-mile logistics, local and regional distribution, drayage and warehouse-to-warehouse routes. The series production of the #eM2 will start next year.

The short-haul routes are ideal for depot-based charging, examples of which include last mile logistics, local and regional distribution, and drayage and warehouse-to-warehouse applications.

  • The typical range of 230 miles (depending on vehicle configurations)
  • Multiple battery options and a maximum capacity of almost 440 kWh2
  • Recharge of 80 percent in approximately 90 minutes
  • Up to 82,000lbs max GCW (Gross Combination Weight)
  • Available with single or tandem eAxle
  • 116″ day cab configuration
  • 320-470 hp (Horsepower)

Developed and engineered in-house by Detroit, the industry-leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art engines, axles and transmissions designed the eCascadia with a fully integrated ePowertrain for maximum power, increase driving dynamics and driver comfort, all with zero emissions. With functionality, optimization, and safety as a top priority, the eCascadia uses the Connect eServices to maximize uptime, productivity, and profitability. The release of the series marks the debut of the new Detroit Engineered Products Assurance safety feature: Active Side Guard Assist (ASGA), an industry-first feature that adapts to urban speeds (12 mph or less) to mitigate incidents with moving cyclists or pedestrians.

Johal was so impressed with the new lineup from Freightliner that he has committed to ordering 200 eCascadia and 50 eM2 units to start with; with expected deliveries starting in mid-2023.

These units will be delivered on both sides of the border, U.S. and Canada, and will offer short- and long-term rental through TPine Truck Rental. Customers can choose to rent just the truck or to use the rental services for the truck with an EV-trained and experienced licensed driver. These units as well as operators will be planted at Pride Group’s logistics terminals in the U.S. and Canada, as well as at many of their rental centres. The experienced team is also able to assist clients with setting up their own charging facilities at Pride’s locations and will work with utility companies to ensure customers receive a custom-tailored charging infrastructure plan.

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Raj Johal

Director of Canadian Operations

  • Following in the footsteps of his Father, Uncle and brother, Raj has taken on a senior role in Pride Group Enterprises, managing the day-to-day operations.
  • As the company continues to experience double-digit growth year after year, it is with Raj’s undivided focus and tutelage that our customer experience remains in the top quartile across a very competitive industry.
  • “At the end of the day, it’s all about our customers”, says Raj. “Without them we are nothing!”

Aman Johal

Vice President, Logistics and USA Operations

  • Aman is a graduate of McMaster University Bachelor of Commerce and has actively been involved in the management of PGE from its inception.
  • Aman leads his team with compassion and integrity, ensuring PGE achieves a high level of customer satisfaction.

Kav Hamzavi

Chief Financial Officer

• Kav Manages and oversees complex accounting, taxation, corporate finance and financial reporting matters for Pride Group Enterprises, where he is in charge of all strategic and future-oriented decision-making as it relates to financial reporting, corporate finance, tax planning including cross-border tax planning and compliance.

• Kav provides leadership to the Financial Reporting section of the organization, including guidance to staff on accounting principles and practices and reporting processes to guide the growth of PGE.

Jas Johal

Co-founder of Pride Group

  • Jas dedicates his time to the management and operations of the entire company, with a heavy focus on the truck sales and leasing portion of the business.
  • Jas provides expert service to top clients and guidance to our sales and finance staff to ensure every individual is treated with the utmost respect.

Sam Johal

President and CEO

  • Sam and his brother Jas started Pride Group Enterprises.
    In 2010 Pride Truck Sales is born (today it is the largest seller of transport equipment in North America).
  • In 2014 they purchased several niche trucking companies in the Greater Toronto Area and have been doubling sales year over year.