About Pride Group Enterprises

About us

Pride Group Enterprises (“PGE”)

Thought-leaders in the world of transportation, logistics, financial services, hospitality, real estate development and so much more

We are a privately-held, diversified Group whose subsidiaries and affiliates operate in a variety of industries including transportation, logistics, heavy-duty equipment dealerships, equipment leasing & rentals, real-estate holdings and full service fleet management. PGE operates and manages businesses in both Canada and United States, employing over 500 people.

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Our Team

From humble Beginnings

Sulakhan “Sam” Johal and his brothers Mark and Jasvir (“Jas”) grew up in a small village in Punjab, India and learned early on in life, the value of a hard-days’ work. They immigrated into Canada with no family or financial support behind them. Through their tireless effort, they were able to provide for their families, further their education and move up the corporate ladder. Eventually, in 2001, they made their first investment – a rundown, Best Western hotel. They renovated, sold for a profit. 

To this day they continue to work to grow their empire, bringing in a team of subject-matter experts in strategic areas to help expand their impressive legacy. With many accolades behind them, Pride will continue to grow and expand their footprint across North America. 

Investment opportunities

PGE is always looking for potential investors for new and existing projects. There are currently opportunities in both commercial real-estate as well as business investments.

Raj Johal

Director of Canadian Operations

  • Following in the footsteps of his Father, Uncle and brother, Raj has taken on a senior role in Pride Group Enterprises, managing the day-to-day operations.
  • As the company continues to experience double-digit growth year after year, it is with Raj’s undivided focus and tutelage that our customer experience remains in the top quartile across a very competitive industry.
  • “At the end of the day, it’s all about our customers”, says Raj. “Without them we are nothing!”

Aman Johal

Vice President, Logistics and USA Operations

  • Aman is a graduate of McMaster University Bachelor of Commerce and has actively been involved in the management of PGE from its inception.
  • Aman leads his team with compassion and integrity, ensuring PGE achieves a high level of customer satisfaction.

Kav Hamzavi

Chief Financial Officer

• Kav Manages and oversees complex accounting, taxation, corporate finance and financial reporting matters for Pride Group Enterprises, where he is in charge of all strategic and future-oriented decision-making as it relates to financial reporting, corporate finance, tax planning including cross-border tax planning and compliance.

• Kav provides leadership to the Financial Reporting section of the organization, including guidance to staff on accounting principles and practices and reporting processes to guide the growth of PGE.

Jas Johal

Co-founder of Pride Group

  • Jas dedicates his time to the management and operations of the entire company, with a heavy focus on the truck sales and leasing portion of the business.
  • Jas provides expert service to top clients and guidance to our sales and finance staff to ensure every individual is treated with the utmost respect.

Sam Johal

President and CEO

  • Sam and his brother Jas started Pride Group Enterprises.
    In 2010 Pride Truck Sales is born (today it is the largest seller of transport equipment in North America).
  • In 2014 they purchased several niche trucking companies in the Greater Toronto Area and have been doubling sales year over year.