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Pride Group Enterprises Hires Vikas Gupta as V.P. of Sales

Mississauga, Ont.- August 10th, 2015- Pride Group Enterprises, a rapidly growing company involved in logistics, transportation, sales, rental and leasing of new and used truck and trailers, announced today that it has hired Vikas Gupta as its new Senior Vice President for Sales and Operations.

Mr. Gupta, formerly a top sales associate with Arrow Truck Sales, was for a number of years, a member of that company’s exclusive President’s Club and recently was looking after Canadian operations of retail, wholesale and overseas export of used trucks.

“The addition of Vik to our team will help propel our company forward to meet our near term objectives not just in Canada, but throughout North America and Worldwide,” said Sulakhan “Sam” Johal, CEO & President of Pride Group Enterprises. He added, “Vik has a proven track record, the respect of his colleagues in our industry, and most importantly, he understands how to build a team of sales professionals and be productive. He’s the ideal candidate for this position and I’m thrilled to have him aboard.”

In his new role, Mr. Gupta is responsible for growing and managing Pride’s sales and business development operations, building customer relationships and growing new strategic business relationships with key manufacturers and suppliers.

“The move to Pride Group Enterprises offers an exciting and very timely opportunity to accelerate its growth and deepen its global market presence. I am looking forward to working closely with Pride’s executive team in leading it through the next phase of its evolution, building on the company’s solid foundation of financial and operational strength,” said Vikas Gupta.

He is expected to commence work later this month.

For more information about Pride Group Enterprises, email

Visit them on the web at:


PR contact:

Aman Johal, V.P. of Marketing

(888) 558-3745

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TPine Leasing Capital Corp. Helps Small Independent Owner/Operators Access Over $15 Million in Lease Financing During The First Six Months Of 2015

Six months after launching its FlexLease Program, TPine Leasing funds over $15 million in truck leases in the first half of 2015.

Mississauga, Ont.– June 25, 2015 – TPine Leasing Capital Corporation, the independently owned and operated Canadian finance company that provides alternative truck, trailer, and equipment lease financing to small and mid sized owner /operators throughout North America, including those who may be credit challenged and require alternative credit solutions, announced today that their FlexLease program funded over $15 million in Leases in the first six months of 2015.

Small independent owner/operators across North America use TPine’s leasing programs to access capital and to acquire trucks, trailers and equipment from more than 6 different financing options including lines of credit, transportation and automotive finance, construction and heavy machinery finance, term loans, factoring and more.

“Reaching this milestone so quickly, showcases our ability to meet the needs of our customers through our programs and our core values of providing creative solutions, speed, and trust,” said Sulakhan “Sam” Johal, TPine’s CEO. “At TPine, the entire team is driven by our mission to fuel the dreams of our customers by making the financing process simple and efficient.”

“ At TPine we are quickly positioning ourselves as a leading small business financier to the marketplace that can be trusted to fund quality business owners,” said Johal.

TPine began the journey by providing truck financing for its sister company Pride Truck Sales, Ltd., and branched out into other areas quickly. During that time, TPine helped hundreds of independent truckers get matched to trucks and equipment (and loan products to acquire them). Over the past year, TPine’s monthly lease volume growth has increased steadily.

“We have always had a bigger vision than just selling trucks and couldn’t be happier about our progress in building the financing portfolio. Our company focuses on offering all of the leasing and loan options to the business owner while providing a white-glove customer experience that the business owner can trust,” said Johal.

For more information about TPine email Visit them on the web at or

PR Contact

Sam Johal
(888) 558-3745

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